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Webroute offers a number of online solutions that will make life a lot less complicated for you. Whether a large corporate, SME or Individual, we can help!

Our products are provided under licensed use, which makes it maintenance free and affordable, with no negative impact on your cash flow.

e-Paia will take care of all your Access to Information problems in your trade, business or profession

Our system benefit both the information holder and the information requester, ensuring compliance with relevant Legislation in real time.

What you get:

  1. Internet based access to all of e-Paia's online services.
  2. Online creation of your PAIA Manual.
  3. PDF copy for your website.
  4. Submission of PAIA manual on your behalf to SAHRC.
  5. Legislative monitoring and updates.
  6. Automatic update of your manual when legislative requirements change.


Our monthly subscription is R 57,44 (including VAT) per month.

Payment options:

  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) - Full annual subscription.
  • Debit Order - Monthly debit of the Service Fee based on your subscription.